XSieve is an XML transformation language based on combination of XSLT (an XML transformation language) and Scheme (a Lisp dialect). XSieve is a powerful tool for complex data transformation tasks.

XSieve was accepted as a httpGoogle Summer of Code 2005 project. httpSubmission.

XSieve paper for httpXTech 2006 (former XML Europe): "XSieve: extending XSLT with the roots of XSLT", httpHTML, httpPDF, httppdf slides.


XSieve vs ...

httpvs DSSSL

> XSLT was based on DSSSL which was based on Scheme so it seams that you're going full circle with your httpthesis. What does your solution offer over DSSSL?

DSSSL isn't XSLT, and DSSSL isn't Scheme.

Inverting your question, I don't see what DSSSL offers over XSLT+Scheme.

httpvs SSAX-based transformations

> What advantages has it over SSAX-based transformation?

XSieve=XSLT+Scheme in fact means XSieve=XSLT+SXML. SSAX-based transformations are based on the SXML format, and therefore should be fully compatible with XSieve. As result, SSAX-based transformations get all XSLT features for free.

httpvs SSAX-based transformations-2

> Aren't a SSAX (SXSLT) transformations a superset of what you can do with XSLT?

Well, both XSLT and SXSLT are turing complete, so none of them is a superset of the other. They mostly differ in the following areas:

The last two points show that XSLT is superiour to SXSLT.

> See: > > httphttp://ssax.sourceforge.net/#Documentation > > Esp. > > httphttp://pobox.com/~oleg/ftp/papers/SXs.pdf > httphttp://pobox.com/~oleg/ftp/papers/SXs-talk.pdf

That documents are not convincing. I prefer the following:

SXSLT: Manipulation Language for XML

This document shows that SXSLT is superiour to XSLT.

Do you see the contradiction? XSieve solves it.

httpvs STX

> How do you position XSieve with respect to Kirill Lisovsky's httpSTX?

XSieve positioning is: Use XSLT as much as possible, and switch to Scheme as rarely as possible, only to overcome XSLT obstacles.

Yet another hidden (advertised only to SXML developers), but the original goal of XSieve is to be a framework for testing Scheme XPath implementations. In fact, XSieve is a side-effect product, and I didn't notice its potential for a long time.

In the press

Other feedback

http20 Sep 2005, xml-dev, Jirka Kosek

It looks like kind of XSLT mixed with DSSSL, but you can choose if it will look more like XSLT or more like DSSSL. IMHO good language for schizophrenics who can't decide whether to code in XSLT or in DSSSL/Scheme :-D

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