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[NEWS] WikiXMLDB - Query Wikipedia with XQuery

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Maxim Grinev

[12407] Пт Апр 18, 2008 15:14
[NEWS] WikiXMLDB - Query Wikipedia with XQuery
We are pleased to announce WikiXMLDB which allows querying
Wikipedia in XQuery.


We have parsed English Wikipedia into a well-structured XML
document (21 Gb in size) and loaded it into Sedna XML
database (http://modis.ispras.ru/sedna). With WikiXMLDB
demo you can run predefined or your own XQuery queries via
Web interface.

Querying Wikipedia in XQuery allows you to implement many
interesting applications. Read "Use case" section
(http://wikixmldb.dyndns.org/help/use-cases) for more

Enjoy it!

Maxim Grinev
Sedna team